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Work-Life Integration

Today there is a lot of critic on the term “work-life balance” because it creates an artificial separation between work and life, as if work were not a part of life. In response, the concept of work-life integration becomes more and more popular. For those individuals who are taking care of kids, elderly parents, while working or perform any other activities, it seems like the best way to have and do it all. I can help you shape your own workday and seize the benefits offered by work-life integration.


Building Self-Awareness

Lack of self-knowledge leads to poor communication, misunderstandings, and time wasted. I can help you come to peace with who you really are, focus on your strengths, accept your negatives and be confident that you can make it.


Resolving Issues With Teams, Peers or Supervisors

Conflict arises from differences between people; I can help you facilitate understanding and appreciation within your teams. Maintain a healthy balance of constructive difference of opinions and avoid negative conflict. When people with varying viewpoints are assigned with a project or challenge, their combined effort can far surpass what any individual could achieve. And it is your job to make this happen.


Handling Family Issues Which Affect Your Career

Every family has its problems, whether they are commonplace (such as teenage behavior) or complex and devastating (such as separation). Managing a good family dynamic takes time, patience, and practice. What is for sure, is that our professional success is tightly related to it. Ι can help you improve the communication channels within your family, resolve conflicts and be more present while you are off work.


Taking Ownership of Your Career

Have you ever made negative thoughts about your job? Are you among the ones who work 12 hours a day and still feel no creativity, connection to any outcome, and depression? If you want a job that brings fulfillment, then aligning your work with your values is essential. We can work together and help you gain career confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration and a way that fully aligns to who you are.


Setting Objectives and Achieving Results

What have your objectives been for the last year? How related are those objectives to your personal happiness and professional success? To what extent have you achieved them? Using Google’s OKR (Objectives and Key Results) approach and other techniques, we’ll re-define your own OKR and you will develop strategies to pursue them with resilience until you achieve them.


Boosting Your Productivity

Procrastination comes in many forms: not starting; not finishing; fear of failure; fear of success; fear of disapproval; overwhelm; boredom; perfectionism. The list goes on. As with so many such behaviors, procrastination has no one cause and no one solution. But by becoming aware of and understanding how we’re creating our procrastination; we can start to take responsibility and make changes. I can help you simplify action items, breakdown tasks, introduce accountability and link all those to a higher purpose.


Saying No and Managing Yourself

From the moment we are old enough to communicate, we are told not to be selfish. We’re told to ‘put others first and don’t be so greedy’ etc. We don't know how to set boundaries. Having healthy boundaries means knowing, understanding and communicating what you will tolerate and what you will not. We can work together and deal with the negative impact of not setting boundaries (avoidance, isolation, blame, control, etc.) as well as learn effective ways to set boundaries with no guilt.


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