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Management Consulting

The need for management consultants of various specialties grows exponentially. The explosion of digital transformation projects proved their role as more instrumental than ever. The art of Management Consultancy needs to be introduced not only to the Academia but also to the professional training industry, aiming at preparing professionals for the consulting services business. Taught by Consultants with broad BIG-4 experience!

Course Outline

I. Introduction to Consulting

  • Types of consulting services

  • The Consulting Services Market and Competition

  • Consulting Lifecycle

  • Procurement Considerations of Consulting

II.The Consulting Sales Lifecycle

  • Generating Consulting Leads

  • Conducting Presales Presentations

  • Writing Consulting Proposals

  • Negotiating Engagements

  • Winning Engagements

III. Consulting Project Management

  • Initiating a Consulting Project

  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Consulting Project Team

  • Managing Time

  • Managing Scope

  • Managing Budget

  • Managing Risks

  • Managing People

  • Managing Stakeholders

  • Reporting Status

IV. Consulting Business Analysis

  • Eliciting and Collaborating

  • Managing Requirements Life Cycle

  • Performing Strategy Analysis

  • Analyzing and Designing Requirements

  • Evaluating Deliverables

V. Consulting Skills

  • Managing Time

  • Communicating Effectivelly

  • Storytelling

  • Presenting

  • Asking Questions

VI. Digital Consulting

  • Introduction to Digital Transformation

  • Digital Strategy Development

  • Customer and User Experience

  • Data Driven Decision Making

  • Implementing and Managing Digital Projects

VII. Consulting Financials

  • Sizing a Consulting Engagement

  • Managing P&L

  • Managing Productivity

  • Managing Effectiveness

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