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New "Leveraging Yourself" Open Programme Organized by HRP!

What makes a great manager? This is probably one of the most common questions orgazniations face today. Modern literature suggests the below virtues:

- leading and influencing

- delegating and coaching team members

- executing corporate strategies with personal benefits

- innovating and learning

Succesful implementation of those skills demands not only self mastery but real insights into what causes others to behave and interact the way they do.It requires an emotionally intelligent leader.

Leveraging yourself is a Krauthammer programme especially designed to help managers assess and develop those crucial skills. By taking participants from insights to practice, Leveraging Yourself righfully represents the most impactful open development programme in Greece.

Read the full brochure below and reserve a seat!

HRP OPEN Management_2021_OR25 - FORM (002)
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