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Change Management

Change Management is a term gaining more and more traction lately, since lack of or poor change management is considered among the top 3 reasons of project failures. Overall change can be defined as any transition from a current to a future state:​​


This transition may affect specific individuals (e.g. promotion, move to a different role or company, demotion, etc.) or a whole team or organization (e.g. merger, acquisition, scaleup, entering new markets, etc.). A challenge we often encounter is that organizations don't realize that during this transition several individuals (even those with critical roles) do not follow, resulting in a future state that is well below expectations or targets (lower ROI, history of failed changes, unachieved improvement, disappointment, loss of trust, etc.):


Proper change Management is about making the right plans and taking the appropriate actions to ensure that individual change is seriously taken into account, change risks and implications are well considered and assessed, change objectives are well communicated and red flags are timely and appropriately raised. It focuses on the whole project lifecycle, changing the way projects are managed in terms of expectations, needs, requirements, deliverables and deployment. Change Management is also about ensuring that each stakeholder is satisfied, whereas the deliverables are used and adopted by people in a sustainable manner. This is what we call “Successful Change”:


Effective Change Management has tremendous benefits for organizations:


  • Aligning resources within the business to support the change

  • Reducing the time needed to implement change

  • Improving cooperation and collaboration in your business

  • Minimizing resistance to change

  • Maintaining the routine in the running of your business during change

  • Maintaining or even increasing productivity, morale and efficiency

  • Reducing stress and anxiety associated with change

  • Reducing disruptive aspects and risks associated with change

  • Responding to challenges more efficiently

  • Minimizing the possibility of change failure

  • Driving success!


At WizzSense we make sure that Change will be treated appropriatelly and according to a solid and transparent Change Management plan. We work together with Project Managers to share insights and risks and propose actions making sure that your project will succeed.

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