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Our Consulting Practice

In the era of massive digital transformation 70% of projects still fail due to poor communications (according to a recent study by McKinsey). Organizations often initiate projects without:

  • having clarified each stakeholder's needs

  • having gathered, aligned and documented requirements

  • having formulated a clear project management plan

  • having articulated an overall change management plan condidering actions for every role involved

At WizzSense we support transformation by adressing those challenges. We bring lots of domain experience from a systems, people and processes perspective. WizzSense consultants bridge the gap between organizations and implementors/integrators by focusing on the human aspects of a project (along with the "technical" ones):

consultng services

Change management

Engaging stakeholders, managing resistance and ensuring adoption.

project management.png

project management

Resolving issues, enabling decisions, managing risks, assigning actions and handling change requests.

business analysis.png

business analysis

Scoping projects, collecting/documenting requirements and assesing verifying quality.

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