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Digital Transformation Consulting 

In the era of massive digital transformation 70% of projects still fail due to poor communications (according to a recent study by McKinsey). Organizations often initiate projects without having clarified the needs for every single stakeholder or the requireents for every single user. Even worse, they don't have a clear strategy for how to gather, document and update those requirements as they change during the project. 

At WizzSense we support digital transformation by adressing those challenges. We carry lots of experience in the digital transformation spectrum, either from a systems (ERP, CRM, BI, Integrated Planning, etc.) or from a people and processes perspective. WizzSense consultants bridge the gap between organizations and implementors/integrators by helping project teams communicate what needs to be done and when, by whom and how. We can perform the below activities (not exhaustive list):

  • Project Management

  • Change Management

  • Business Analysis (including Requirements Elicitation and Documentation)

  • Cost Benefit  and ROI Analysis for new projects

  • Data Analytics Implementation 

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