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Change Management

Managing Change

Qualified Education Provider

Lack of effective change management appears to be the main reason why 72% transformation projects fail (Mc Kinsey). As technology evolutions have become a commodity, organizations urgently need to focus on developing the "change readiness" required in order to succeed in the their transformation initiatives. For that particualr reason  we have created the "Managaing Change" course, based on our 20-year experience in transformation projects, and the global best practices (ACMP & PROSCI).  


This 3-day (21h) course will equip attendees with all the skills and knowledge needed to lead effective change initiatives, manage resistance, and achieve sustainable results and is accredited by the Association of Change Management Proffessionals (ACMP).

Course Outline

The course outline aligns with the ACMP's Standard for Change Management® and covers the key competencies and skills required for effective change management. The duration is 3 days (or 21 hours) and the exact schedule depends on the venue and number of participants.

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I. Introduction to Change Management

  • Overview of change management as a discipline

  • Key concepts and terminology in change management

  • The importance of change management in achieving organizational objectives

II. Change Impact and Organizational Readiness

  • Defining Change and Success

  • Defining Impact

  • Define Readiness 

  • Define Risks

III.Change Management Strategy

  • Communications Strategy

  • Sponsorship Strategy

  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

  • Learning and Development Strategy

  • Measuremenet and Benefit Realization Strategy

  • Sustainability Strategy

IV. Change Management Plan

  • Developing a Comprehensive Change Management Plan

  • Integrating the Change Management and Project Management Plans

  • Reviewing and Approving the Change Management Plan in Collaboration with Project Leadership

  • Developing Feedback Mechanisms to Monitor Performance

V. Executing The Change Management Plan

  • Executing, Managing, and Monitoring Implementation of the Change
    Management Plan

  • Modifying the Change Management Plan as Required

  • Evaluating the Outcome Against the Objectives

  • Design and Conduct Lessons Learned Evaluation and Provide Results to
    Establish Internal Best Practices

  • Gaining Approval for Completion, Transfer of Ownership, and Release
    of Resources

VI. Change Management in Practice

  • Case studies and examples of successful change management initiatives

  • Lessons learned from unsuccessful change initiatives

  • Best practices and tips for effective change management

  • Change Management Methodologies and Tools

VII. Change Management Certification and Professional Development

  • Overview of the ACMP certification and professional development opportunities

  • Steps to becoming a certified change management professional

  • Resources for ongoing learning and development in change management

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