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People development is crucial to organizational transformation and bottom line success. In an era of continous change organizations must invest heavily on employee upskilling and reskilling. At the same time executive staff needs a new management paradigm to cope with the newly emerging challenges.  However, there is no time for extended course attendance, homework and exams. We consider proffessional experience as an absolute prerequisite to corporate training.  Our trainers are domain experts with lots of field experience and use a variety of training tools and methodologies to ensure that knowledge is not only gained, yet practically applied as well. 

"Hard skills are soft. They change all the time, are constantly being obsolete and are relatively easy to learn. Soft skills are hard: they are difficult to build, critical and take extreme effort to obtain."
Josh Bersin

Our Methodology

We design our training programs for in-class and online training, so that our trainees have a similar training experience, focusing on 4 steps:

1. To create identification. It is important that our trainees relate to the subject taught, through their personal experiences.

2. To gain awareness. Understanding the current state is the first step. This may reflect current knowledge, current beliefs and attitudes or current behaviors. 

3. To build the theoretical background for the target state. Our trainees are exposed to new concepts, definitions, tools, hints and practical examples.

4. To practice the target state. Each trainee practices the new knowledge in the class, followed by the instructor's feedbackl, so that they are ready to apply the new knowledge immediatelly. ​

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We use a bunch of different techniques to deliver our courses in order to ensure that the messages are received:

  • Teaching. The instructor provides the necessary theoretical background, i.e challenges, main definitions, real-life examples, DOs and DONT's, etc.

  • Role plays. The trainees are presented with real-life scenarios and are requested to apply the knowedge gained via role plays. 

  • Quizzes. The trainees are requested to practice the new knowledge via online quizzes, games and competitions. 

  • Instant Feedback. The instructor provides instant feedback on the DOs and DONT's, tools to use, on alternative ways of doing things or on the options available during specific cases.

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