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Project Management

Our approach in managing projects has been sculpted throughout all those years of leading projects out there. Projects with unquestionable success, as well as projects gone wrong.  We intend to avoid long texts regarding project definition, activities, KPIs, and methodologies (you can find those just by googling or asking Chat GPT).


Instead, we will summarize on what we consider as effective Project Management.


  • Identifying every single stakeholder, no matter the level, the type or extent of involvement. Special care to those that will review and approve the final outcome/deliverable

  • Aligning the expectations between every single stakeholder.

  • Making sure all appropriate stakeholders are involved in requirements' documentation.

  • Allocating the appropriate resources in project execution and manage possible capacity limitation issues

  • Communicating messages in a timely, comprehensive and transparent way to all roles and organizational levels. Ensure receipt of those messages.

  • Making sure that no requirements are added to the project scope without being properly processed through a change management process

  • Making sure that no stakeholders are added without being properly assessed in terms of risk management and impact assessment

  • Escalating any issues that might affect delivery or customer success

  • Documenting and resolving risks, issues, decisions, actions or change requests

  • Frequently asking for feedback in order to identify unexpressed threats and/or ensure that current client satisfaction levels are acceptable

  • Acting in full accountability for minimizing unpleasant surprises throughout the project


By actively and consciously pursuing those items, project success is fully guaranteed. This is what we commit to in our Project Management engagements.

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