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Qualified Education Provider:

Welcome to WizzSense

Change, Delivered.

"We aim at helping organizations build the capability to implement, adopt and reap the benefits of digital transformation." 

Change is regarded as the transition from a current state, to a future state. In a corporate context, it may affect people, processes or technology (or any combination among those) and happens at an individual, team or organizational level. However, many organizations face numerous challenges when it comes to the design, implementation or sustainment of change:

  • Failing to deliver (in scope, on budget, in time).

  • Facing employee resistance.

  • Failing to adopt (systems, processes).

  • Ineffective success definition and ROI communication.

  • Feeling disappointed with IT vendors/integrators

  • Constantly updating delivery or milestone dates.

  • Low employee retention and/or morale.

  • People not feeling accountable (blaming others, feeling victims, etc.).

  • People returning to old habits, processes, ways of working, shortly.


We founded WizzSense exactly to tackle those challenges and support our clients achieve the objectives of their transformqation initiatives. We do this by combining training, consulting and coaching, in the appropriate portions, according to our Clients' needs.



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We empower people know more and perform better, by seamlessly blending knowledge and practical application, transforming information into action.


We ensure successful business transformation through effective Change Management, Project Management and Business Analysis.


We support leaders and their teams frame problems, take decisions, turn them into actions, behaviors and habits in order to achieve sustainable change and success.

Democratizing the Digital Transformation Landscape

Commited to our mission, we are developing a digital marketplace for digital transformation providers! Stay tuned for more information on this!

Our Value Proposition

We bring a unique mix of capabilities:

  • Extensive experience in managing complex projects and implementing change.

  • Highly skilled consultants, trainers and coaches, certified by top-class institutions (PROSCI, IIBA, PMI, ACMP, ICF, etc).

  • Recognized as "Qualified Education Providers" by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP®).

  • Dedicated accountability partners who will be keeping track of your progress and actively supporting a sustainable change for you.



The WizzSense team brings a lot of experience and succesful change management track record in various industries (high-tech, transportation & logistics, shipping, public sector, etc.) and functions (top management, finance & accounting, sales & marketing, procurement, etc.). 
We founded Wizzsense to help companies with a challenge very few consulting companies wish to tackle, and this is "miscommunication": To support message transmitters and receivers. To challenge beliefs, align objectives and teach new tricks that make messages more appealing. And most importantly: to identify the root causes of "noise" so as to tackle it effectivelly.

Our work is underpinned by 3 famous quotes, which define our values:


"The secret to success is no complaining, no blaming, no excuse making. Take 100% responsibility of your results" (Jack Canfield).

Value: Take 100% responsibility of your success!


"20% of your efforts, will produce 80% of your results" (the Paretto principle).

Value: Focus on what matters most!


"Assumptions are made and most assumptions are wrong" (Albert Einstein).

Value: Always question your assumptions!

At WizzSense we have developed a quite broad range of partners (change practitioners, trainers, business analysts project managers and coaches) qualified with the highest proffessional standards in their domain of expertise (PROSCI, ACMP, IIBA, PMI, ICF, etc.), and proven track record. We are committed to listen carefully, ask extensively and work at the highest quality standards, with no compromises. 


"WizzSense has been helping us for 4 years now, to form a new strategy, build our new operating model and implement it. As a result, we experience high rates of year-over-year sustainable growth! I couldn't recommend anyone else for this job than Konstantinos."

Angelos S., CEO

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