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Welcome to WizzSense

Change, Delivered.

Qualified Education Provider 

Managing Change Certification

Join our 3-day training course, accredited by the ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals), leading to your CCMPTM (Certified Change Management Professional) certification!


According to PROSCI, any organizational change requires individual change, first. At WizzSense we address this need by creating focused Training and Coaching Programs as well as providing specialized Consulting Services to help you and your teams navigate through change succesfully.



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We empower people know more and perform better, by seamlessly blending knowledge and practical application, transforming information into action.


We ensure succesful business transformation through effective Change Management, Project Management and Business Analysis.


We support leaders and their teams turn actions into behaviors and behaviors into habits in order to achieve sustainable change and success.

Our Value Proposition

We bring a unique mix of capabilities:

  • Extensive experience in managing complex projects and implementing change.

  • Highly skilled consultants, trainers and coaches, certified by top-class institutions (PROSCI, IIBA, PMI, ACMP, ICF, etc).

  • Recognized as "Qualified Education Providers" by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP®).

  • Dedicated accountability partners who will be keeping track of your progress and actively supporting a sustainable change for you.



At WizzSense we know you are passionate and committed to what you do. To be successful, you need a reason (what are you going after?), a motive (what will you gain?) and the right resources (what will you need?). We truly believe that you can thrive, if you manage to stay focused on the reason, despite the distractions you will face. And those distractions might affect you as individual, or your team.
Our work is underpinned by 3 famous quotes:


"The secret to success is no complaining, no blaming, no excuse making. Take 100% responsibility of your results" (Jack Canfield).


"20% of your efforts will produce 80% of your results" (The Pareto Principle).


"Assumptions are made and most assumptions are wrong" (Albert Einstein).

We derive our core values out of those quotes:

  • The first quote is about taking full responsibility of our actions, no matter the excuses.

  • The second quote refers to focusing on what matters only in order to succeed.

  • The third quote underlines the importance of realizing, validating and controlling any assumption during work.

WizzSense was founded in 2019 with those values in mind, aiming at helping individuals and teams navigate through change effectivelly. Having developed a quite broad range of partners (change practitioners, trainers, business analysts project managers and coaches) qualified with the highest proffessional standards in their domain of expertise (PROSCI, ACMP, IIBA, PMI, ICF, etc.), and proven track record. 


"WizzSense has been helping us for 4 years now, to form a new strategy, build our new operating model and implement it. As a result, we experience high rates of year-over-year sustainable growth! I couldn't recommend anyone else for this job than Konstantinos."

Angelos S., CEO

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